The Shadow Realm

December 24, 2019 Shadowhorn 0 Comments

It is more than a person. It is more than a place. It is a people. It is a community.
Welcome to The Shadow Realm.

The Shadow Realm serves as a place where individuals from all across the world, no matter their interest in games, music or differences in general can come be together and be a part of something greater. It brings people together, opening opportunities to make new friends and so much more.

Throughout 2020, there will be community events on the Discord server, potential meet-ups, opportunities to work with charities and the ideas are still coming! Just by being in the chat, watching the videos, talking about it with your friends, you're helping make The Shadow Realm a better place. Thank you for that.

Grammatical Note:
The Shadow Realm - the place
Shadow Realm - the people
You, will always have a place, a home, in The Shadow Realm.