Welcome to The Shadow Realm

January 01, 2020 Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Welcome to The Shadow Realm! The new decade is finally here and we're going to be taking it by storm. New stream schedules, YouTube content, Late Night Sub Kickback Streams, merch and so much more. You ready?

Streaming on Twitch
For starters, we're kicking things off with the first stream of the year, tonight, January 1st 2020 at 7pm PST! I've designed some sick new scenes and overlays for the stream that I hope you guys will like. Don't forget to follow the stream and join me in The Shadow Realm tonight at twitch.tv/ShadowhornGG as we kick off the new year!

Stream Schedule
As I mentioned, we're also gonna have a new stream schedule this year. Because of my work at the Chinese Theatre though, This schedule does need to be flexible so if I need to go up to LA on certain days, I can do so. That being said, the stream schedule will be updated every Sunday for said week and will be listed here on the website alongside Twitch. I'll aim to have at least 3+ streams per week so stay tuned for that!

YouTube Content
YouTube content will be starting within the next two weeks - date tbd so please make sure to go subscribe to the channel and click the bell to stay up to date on when these videos go up!

The Website / Blog
For those of you who don't know, I got my start in the gaming industry from blogging nearly 10 years ago. This website not only serves as a place for all things Shadowhorn and Shadow Realm but it also serves as a unique new way for me to share my adventures and content with you on a more personal level! I plan to post here regularly and sharing what's going on in life so please come stop by, bookmark this site, leave comments on the posts and I'll try to respond to everyone. Want to get my new posts emailed to you? Join the email list on the right side of the screen to never miss one!

Thank you guys once again for joining me on this incredible journey. It's been a fun three months planning, prepping and designing this whole revamp and I'm so excited to finally share it with you and get tons of content out there in 2020.

Here's to you, the Shadow Realm, for sticking with me all this time. I wouldn't be here without you.

Keep it frosty,